This page is an exploration of WebGL.

The material began as assignments from a free online course offered on Coursera, called "Interactive Computer Graphics with WebGL", taught by Edward Angel from the University of New Mexico. The course is no longer available on Coursera, but there is a textbook he wrote and based the course on called, "Interactive Computer Graphics - A Top-Down Approach with WebGL".

I have expanded on the assignments and tried to turn them into a quasi tutorial. When the examples load, I provide some basic explanations of what is being done and then the intention is to view the source code to learn more.

Some of the material grew into little applications: a 2D drawing program, a 3D modeling tool and a pretty cool implementation of a Rubik's Cube™ style puzzle. Most of them are still in their infancy and are buggy, but the Mixed Cube is a mostly complete little app that is fun to play with, it works with swipe and on mobile devices too!

2D Examples

3D Examples